I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:12-13

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Trip to Ohio

My husband had a business trip to Ohio planned and since we are a homeschooling family, we were able to go along. Its about a 6 and a half hour trip from where we live. I used my trip planning sheet from my home making notebook to help me have an organized plan. 
The hotel provided a breakfast but we have gluten sensitivities and their breakfasts are usually all sugary carb food. I have found bringing hard boiled eggs, yogurt, and our own cereal as a good solution. I also bring large containers of pasta salad (one made with gluten free noodles) and bean dip to eat with tortilla chips for lunches. 
We take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis that I bring along but I also bring any herbs we might need if anyone were to become sick. I'm not a big fan of using Advil for small fevers but we once were away when our daughter spiked a 104.3 temp in the middle of the night. So now I always bring it along. It can be difficult if you are in an unknown area to find what you need, especially at night. 
I drink lots of tea everyday so my tea and honey always go along. I had run out of raw honey right before we left but found this organic honey bear in the pantry. It actually worked well for my many trips to the lobby for hot water for tea. 
Lehman's is my favorite store. My husband had a meeting with their corporate office one day so the children and I had several hours to wander around. Their catalog is great but being there and getting to actually touch things is fantastic. The pottery section is dreamy. And the cast iron section. All of it really. I picked up a few small items that I had wanted to get or had run out if since last being there. 
Ok, the lamp wasn't on the list but we needed a smaller one and this one was just so pretty. It has a heart on the bottom pink part. 
We are big sauerkraut eaters in our house. Raw sauerkraut is so benificial to our gut health. I have made it before with not much luck. I have bought it mostly. Our neighbor man makes the best kraut. He gave us a gallon for Christmas and we've eaten over half if it. My children will eat it in a bowl with a fork. I put it on the table with most every meal. I have wanted a fermenting crock for several years and Lehman's now carries made in the USA crocks. I am so grateful to have this beautiful 3 gallon crock. Hoping my neighbor man can help us get our kraut to turn out as good as his! We will be going back to Ohio again in March and we're all really looking forward to it! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ohio and Lehmans's

We went along with my husband for a few days on a business trip to Ohio. Lehman's is my favorite store and I can't wait to share with you what I picked up while we were there. We have had such a nice time together and using my trip planning worksheet was so helpful. I'll catch up with you soon!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Homemaking Notebook

I started using a Homemaking Notebook several years ago. It has been a tremendous help to me
to keep my home and family organized. My first one was all done by hand and it took me several months to really get it right. Over the years as we've had more children and others have grown, my notebook has changed. Right now at this stage in life.....this is just what we need.

I like to keep my notebook on the kitchen counter in a spot that it won't get dirty or wet. All of my pages are in sheet protectors. Some pages I change out weekly because I like to have them to keep record of what we've done. Other pages I change out monthly. My daily sheet I change out with the seasons. My mind seems to work seasonally. Spring we plant and welcome new animals. Summer we work in the flower beds, harvest and can. Autumn we can what's left in the garden, can fruit, and get our outside ready for winter. Winter we concentrate on school, inside chores, and rest.
One thing that I have found with ladies that are starting their homemaking journey or notebooks is that they are overwhelmed and assume they just don't have time for it all. Pray about it. Prioritize. What's really important to God? Your husband? What do your children need? Some people do better with a schedule and others with a routine. We do best with a routine and loose schedule. When we tried to stick to a rigid schedule we all became overwhelmed and were discouraged instead of feeling encouraged and accomplished.
My weekly chores change some based on the seasons too. I simply print out a new one. With the above sheet I use dry erase to check off and can wipe it off at the end of the week.
I like my monthly sheet that helps me to plan and remember. My husband likes applesauce made from early apples in July. I usually am so busy with what's coming out of our garden that I forget if I don't have it written down. I can be reminded to order grapes for juice end of august/beginning of September to pick up in October.
Guess what time of year it is? Yes! Time to plan next years garden. My crisp clean sheets are ready and waiting. We will look back at last years plans and our canning and freezing inventories to see what we need more or less of this year. It's an exciting time in our home.
I hope to encourage others in their homemaking journey. I am offering my pages that my wonderful husband worked so hard to help me create for others to print and use too. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
My notebook pages are in this order: Cover
                                                          page  1:encouraging scripture or picture of your choice
                                                                    2:prayer list
                                                                    3:daily to do
                                                                    4:winter daily
                                                                    5:weekly chores
                                                                    6:week at a glance
                                                                    7:meal plan
                                                                    8:monthly calendar
                                                                    9:monthly sheet
                                                                  10:seasonal cleaning
                                                                  11:second seasonal cleaning
                                                                  12:freezer inventory
                                                                  13:pantry inventory
                                                                  14:canning inventory
                                                                  15:second canning inventory
                                                                  16:items needed
                                                                  17:gift list
                                                                  18:password list
                                                                  19:animal feed
                                                                  20:garden layout
                                                                  22:daily chores- alternative sheet
                                                                  23:weekly chores- alternative sheet
                                                                  24:travel planner
Remember some sheets only need to be printed once and some you may choose to print more. I like my week at a glance printed 52 times. I also like to have a new meal plan sheet every week. The # 20 & 21 sheets are alternative sheets that you can also use. Travel planner you can print as you need them. The sheets are in the file in the order I use them if it helps you. Feel free to share this with others you think it might help. I just ask that you link back to this post. I have a few other pages that I plan to share soon including my list of meals. I am also working on a post about children's chores that I hope to share soon.
CLICK HERE to get my pages.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

We would like to wish you a Happy New Year from our home to yours!
I have been working on the post I promised a while back about how I keep
organized. I plan to share my home making notebook and offer it for you to print
for yourselves. I have used many over the years and find them to be a big help.
I hope to follow it up with a post on chores both inside and outside of our home.
Who does what and age appropriate chore ideas.
Things have been quiet here on the blog.
This week our family has been dealing with our fifth miscarriage, our second in six months.
There is so much I have to share and one day I plan to.
For now rest and togetherness is what our family needs.
I'll be back soon with my home making notebook.

Friday, December 13, 2013

In The Woods

The males in our home love being in the woods.
The quiet time to enjoy God's creation, the thrill of the hunt, and the time together.
These two boys have a six year age difference that at times can
make it hard to find common activities. Here in the quiet they are
hunters with the same goal.  
Our younger son doesn't always get to go along on real cold mornings.
This particular morning the trip to the woods was in honor of his
10th birthday. We bundled him up to keep him warm. He had a snow suit
under his big brothers overalls! He and Daddy took a long walk in the snow
after a while to warm up. 
We were gifted with a large roll of deer bologna. It is awesome!
We had half the roll sliced and cut the other half into chunks.
Some was eaten right away and the rest we vacuumed sealed for the freezer.
Chunks of bologna and cheese are an easy filling snack to offer to guests.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So Excited!!!

Look what my sweet husband brought home for me today. Cabela's had a fantastic sale on their heavy duty 10 tray dehydrator. Very grateful for this wonderful addition to our food preservation tools!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our Favorite Smoothie

Our family loves smoothies. I think they are a wonderful way to get a whole lot
of nutrients in a fun and tasty way. Our youngest is not a big fan of eating. She gets
excited about yogurt, noodles, smoothies, and ice cream...... that's about it.
This is her very favorite smoothie and she loves to help make it.
Add to blender in this order: 1 can pineapple with juice
                                               two bananas
                                               1 tbsp. spirulina 
                                               2 tbsp. coconut oil
                                               2 tbsp. raw local honey
                                               1/3 c. ground flax
                                               6 or so ice cubes
                                               pack as much organic spinach in the
                                               blender as you can fit
                                               blend until smooth
                                               if it's too thick simply add water
This smoothie has a wonderful pina colada flavor.
My children always ask for a second glass.